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In the early 1950's Leo Fender strove to design and make the perfect electric solid-body guitar, and he and others achieved that in the Stratocaster
George Fullerton,  Leo's business partner and best friend, shares poignant memories of those groundbreaking days as we trace the origins of this Rock n' Roll icon.

Hank takes time out from the Shadow's Final Tour 
show and talk about his famous red Strat.

  At Leo's last company in Fullerton, California, G&L Guitars are still making handmade instruments with many of Leo's original machines, and the spirit of the man lives on as we visit his old office and lab, preserved just as Leo had left it.


Eric Clapton's famous
Strat "Blackie" went under the hammer at "Christies" in 2004. Lee Dickson (Clapton's guitar technician) shows us up-close what makes this Strat so special.

Tony Bacon, leading author and electric guitar expert gives an informed and witty overview of the Stratocaster's past.

At one of the UK's top guitar stores, Nevada Music in Portsmouth, Cliff Pinwill shares and demonstrates his professional knowledge amongst a feast of Fenders.

Fred Stuart, Master Guitar Builder details the history of Leo's transition  from lap steel guitars to the ultimate electric guitar.
The Fender Museum of Music and the Arts in Corona, California has fascinating and priceless exhibits, from working instruments like Steve Miller's dragon Strat, through a Custom Shop Hendrix re-creation to bejewelled works of art. The future of the Strat is assured as their "Kids Rock Free" programme introduces music to California's young.

Grindelwald Productions Ltd. 2004

"UKguitarshop" review
The Stratocaster Legend DVD is an indispensable guide to the world's most popular electric guitar. An offering of fascinating behind the scenes insight mixed with renowned legends of the Strat paying homage to Leo's masterpiece. Stratocaster Legend is an essential purchase for fans of the Strat and fellow guitar enthusiasts alike."

"Guitarist Magazine" review
"Although this DVD is in no way affiliated with the behemoth that is FMIC, it features unique interviews with two of the biggest names ever to wield a Strat: Dick Dale and Sir Hank of Marvin.  We have a portion of this on this month's bonus CD, and fascinating stuff it is too. Elsewhere the producers have obtained interviews with George Fullerton, who fleshes out Fender's earliest days as well as giving insight into the likes of G&L Guitars, cajoled some well-informed background from Tony Bacon, and received an affectionate overview of Clapton's 'Blackie' by his tech Lee Dickson.  Former Master Builder Fred Stuart takes us around the lauded Fender Custom Shop and viewers will certainly find their love for the humble Strat rekindled. Add an unintentionally sultry voiceover into the mix and you have a surprisingly fulfilling package."   - Simon Bradley

"CC Magazine" review
If you're of an age when the twang of an electric guitar sets your feet tapping, or even prompts a quick jive, don't fret - the Stratocaster Legend DVD will strike a chord or two. The Fender 'Strat' electric guitar is 50, and its story is told by the people who were there: Dick Dale with his '57 Strat and Leo Fender's friend and collaborator, George Fullerton, tell the story; Hank Marvin of the Shadows introduced us to his red and white Fender in '59, and he pays tribute. More recent rock legends also feature. There's rather more documentary and interviews than guitar-playing - but an interesting story of a rock icon nevertheless. So go on, closet rockers - grab yourselves a late Christmas present and give that air guitar hell!

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