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The Ridgeway National Trail 
follows ancient footsteps through a countryside rich in our national heritage. The remains of the once magnificent hill forts, long barrows, stone circles and hill figures are all chronicled as the path wends through high grassland, chalk, wooded paths and Thames riverbank, all filmed in stunning detail.

No matter what time of year you walk the Ridgeway, this beautifully photographed DVD in five parts, with a carefully chosen musical soundtrack and relaxing style, will instantly transport you back to your favourite section of the path, where you can re-live treasured memories of an earlier visit, or look forward if you haven't walked there yet!

Filmakers Debra and David celebrate at Ivinghoe Beacon after completing The Ridgeway.

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Shown in five episodes on Six-TV Oxford
 and Southampton, 2000 - 2009

Grindelwald Productions 1998
The trail is rich in adjacent Nature reserves, which offer rare insight into the preservation and conservation of some of our rarest wildlife plants and trees.
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Wantage Cornfields

Unique interviews with the Ridgeway Officer, a warden and a Swindon Borough Council Ranger offer practical and helpful advice, and a visit to the Ridgeway Centre near Wantage gives an overview of accommodation that is available to the walker. From fellow walkers, a 1906 cyclist, and teenagers spending the night on their own in the open, people are the life of this ancient road.

A 'gorseth' or gathering in Avebury, at the start of the Ridgeway is a colourful pageant; an interview with a druid gives us insight into rites of an ancient calendar. The National Trail passes through 5 counties to reach Ivinghoe Beacon, a distance of 85 miles.