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Between 2005 and 2009 David and Debra have produced films from many destinations in Europe. In each one they take a spectacular scenic walk or visit an historic city

These 2 films are part of a twenty-two episode "Footloose in Europe" television series for international distribution ...see Broadcast 
Original Music by Barnaby Smith

Footloose in Switzerland
2 films on this DVD:

Lauterbrunnental and Kleine Scheidegg...
The village of Lauterbrunnen, with Wengen and Mürren, situated in the picture-perfect glacial valley set among lofty snowcapped peaks, mountain meadows and over 60 waterfalls (including the Trummelbach falls), is the base for two spectacular walks.

Debra and David walk high in the Bernese Oberland where stunning alpine flowers grow, and take the cog railway from Kleine Scheidegg to the eternal snow of the Jungfraujoch, 'Top of Europe'. Then under the shadow of the mighty Eiger they walk down to Grindelwald with superb views of glaciers and valleys that make this area so special. The film features an interview with the Lauterbrunnen lacemakers, still creating beautiful lace unique to this valley.

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© Grindelwald productions 2005
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Discovering Lucerne
Lucerne lies at the geographical heart of Switzerland; medieval bridges span the river Reuss and palaces, churches and spires fill the skyline. Debra and David walk the ancient streets and city walls and take a nostalgic steamship cruise on its wide blue lake, which is cradled by magnificent mountain scenery.


A visit to the world famous Swiss Transport Museum brings together Switzerland's unique and special modes of transport. The wonderfully inspired music in both films is composed and performed by Barnaby Smith.  

Footloose in Switzerland ©2005 
Running time: 82 minutes
Aspect 4:3
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