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  "A Tale of Three Cities"

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David and Debra have gone East... in this 120 minute DVD they walk through three beautiful cities from the former Eastern Bloc in a light-hearted celebration of the sights & sounds in the streets, the history, and the interesting changes since the fall of Communism.
Each of these 3 films is part of a  "Footloose in Europe" television series for international distribution ...see Broadcast 
Original music by Barnaby Smith


Part one ~ BUDAPEST
We discover the beautiful Hungarian twin spa cities, Buda and Pest, beside the magnificent Danube and walk through the elegant streets and grand avenues, going deep underground to experience the mysterious labyrinth under the castle and see Stalin's boots at the ironic Statue Park!
 Former dissident, deputy Minister for Culture and author, Andrŕs Török talks about the city of his birth, it's turbulent past and its optimistic future in a enlightening look at this former communist city.           Visit Debra's Budapest Diary
Part three ~ KRAKOW
We begin our Polish city trail in the University Botanical Gardens and ask our host Patrycja Przybysz how Krakow or Cracow should be spelt! Originally a  medieval walled city it has many hidden treasures in its streets.



We stroll across the gigantic market square with it's original Cloth Hall, then on to Wawel Castle, before travelling back 30 years in a Trabant time-machine to the planned communist town of Nowa Huta and it's steelworks that was a "gift" from Lenin to the Polish people. Our host is Crazy Qba.

Part two ~ PRAGUE
Starts with a magnificent view of the five separate towns of the Czech capital. From Petrin Park, we walk through the city's untouched streets, marveling at the wonderful mix of original architecture and visit the famous Pinkas Synagogue and Jewish cemetery to reflect on the city's tortured past in WW2

Vaclav Vitek
tells us about his much-loved home city. A visit to U Fleku brew pub highlights one of Prague's most popular pastimes - drinking beer! We pause beside the mournful reminders of the city's tragic 1969 demonstrations against communism in Wenceslas Square. After a sausage- tasting experience we tread through the colourful Old Town, across Charles Bridge and finish up at Hradcany, the grand castle.
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After this highly entertaining experience we visit the renowned Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, crossing the river to visit Oskar Schindler's factory. We finish at an unusual historical earthworks giving superb views of Krakow.     
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