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    "I haven't done my best piece yet"
(Chris Wright)
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Three films on one DVD

This DVD celebrates the life and work of three distinct craftsmen, demonstrating ancient skills adapted for the modern world.


Graham Baker  the Smith Chris Wright  Roadside Woodcarver
A nostalgic and amusing visit to a 200 year old family-run forge in rural Buckinghamshire. In the foundry Graham pours molten metal from the red-hot furnace into hand-made moulds made of sand in exactly the same way his grandfather did. A chainsaw is used to cut wood- but from the first burst of sound from the saw, this film shows the viewer just what can be achieved when the chainsaw is in the hands of a master woodcarver.
Still running the family business he, his brother Geoffrey and son Jeremy create beautiful bespoke pieces ranging from nameplates to wrought iron gates using time-honoured skills.


Whilst giving a masterclass on mould-making, Graham tells Debra amusing stories of the business and the life and times at Gomme's Forge. H
is 96 year-old mother enthralls Debra with how the business began and Graham's childhood.
Chris Wright is a talented and skilled craftsman, creating superb carvings from most unremarkable stumps of wood, and carves for the viewer from start to finish, a majestic bird of prey glistening in the sunlight from it's coating of Danish Oil. Chris explains his motivation and passion for wood, evidenced in the film's musical montage of incredible carvings. Debra spends the whole day with Chris and his family at the roadside in the Cotswolds, learning from his wife Kate, the attraction of their itinerant lifestyle, and is permitted an intimate look into their imposing showman's carriages that carry their home. Fast paced, noisy and visually stimulating, this film offers an intriguing glimpse of an alternative way of life, and captures a master craftsman at work.

Running time 84 minutes

Graham Piggott  Fantasy Sculptor
Not far from Oxford is the wondrous showroom and studio of Graham Piggott, a sculptor of rare skill and imagination, and as we step over the threshold we step through the looking glass into another world.
Graham creates one of his mystical creatures for the viewer in his workroom and explains his motivation for his figures, giving a rare insight into the creativity of a master craftsman. His famous 'Alice in Wonderland' figures and dragons are filmed in detail, and Corri, Graham's wife reveals the background to so many of his inspirations. A unique and absorbing master class that draws the viewer in, leaving one with a desire to see these superb fantasy figures in person.

A beautifully lit sequence of Graham's larger pieces, accompanied with dramatic music convince the viewer of Graham's genius. The film concludes with unbricking of the kiln after firing and watching Graham and Corri take out the marvellous finished figures ready for sale.

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